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The Grammar Babe 

What type of editing does The Grammar Babe do?


"I'm bringing grammar back—yeah—them funky paragraphs don't know how to act—yeah—I think it's special what I'm adding back—yeah—so turn it in, I pick up the slack—yeah—take 'em to my services....punctuation babe, you see these sentences, they don't have to be that way—uh-huh—I'll whip 'em if they misbehave—uh-huh—this modifier's in my way—uh-huh—take 'em to my services..."  


Editing Services

I can copy edit any written material no matter what format or delivery method you choose. I typically charge by the page based on the depth and breadth of the editing services you require. For larger projects, I can charge by the hour, by the page, or we can negotiate a flat rate based on the scope of work.

Right now, my primary focus is on novels, novellas, author web content, and author marketing materials.

I edit for basic grammar and punctuation corrections, consistency, brand messaging, voice continuity, and general readability. The main thing to know is that I only take projects on which my client and I can work in a collaborative partnership. My job as an editor is to make you, your brand, and your books be the best they can possibly be. If I do my job well, your reader will be able to focus soley on your story and nothing else. 

Please note that writing dorky parodies of famous songs is just a hobby and not something I normally offer as a paid service!   

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