The Grammar Babe 
 Rebel With a Clause.


Behind every great writer, is a great editor. My job as an editor is to help make your writing the best it can possibly be, so that the reader can focus on your message and not on grammatical errors. 

If I've done my job well, grammar and punctuation will disappear and your business message, marketing copy, or novel can be the real star of the show. Don't risk losing your customer or reader because they can't get past the details to see the bigger picture.

Someone once said, "When something can be read without effort, great effort has gone into its writing." I would argue that great effort has also gone into its editing. If your customer cannot get past grammatical and punctuation errors, it will never matter how great the writing is because the reader will give up on it.  

A writer and editor work together in a collaborative relationship with the same goals in mind—seamless content, flawless copy, ease of readability, and voice consistency. I'm here to do one thing and one thing only—to make you and your writing look as good as possible!  

In the writing process, your editor is the last piece of the puzzle. Without that last critical piece, your readers will always notice what's missing. Let me be your eyes, your voice, and the strongest champion of your writing journey. Let's complete this puzzle together.      


Invisible Partnership